The Boys & Girls Club of Eden – Lake Shore has accepted the Virtual Learning Center grant. The grant will allow members to come to the Club from 8am-2pm on certain days of the week, as to provide members with a quiet, appropriate space for them to complete their schoolwork. Staff members will be available to help members with their online learning.

Members must come once a week


To reserve a spot for the Virtual Learning Center at EITHER Club, you will need to:
1. Complete an online application, here.
2. Email Julia a completed waiver, here.
3. Complete the confidential Income Form, here.
This will need to be brought on the first day of attendance.
4. Fill out a Virtual Learning information form, here.
This form is to help ensure that the Boys & Girls Club of Eden – Lake Shore provides as much assistance possible with your child’s virtual learning experience. This form is may be brought on the first day your child attends or you may email back to Julia.
5. Read through our Welcome Packet, here.
This packet provides vital information about pickup/drop off, programming and much more.

Please understand, there are LIMITED number of spaces for this program. Your spot is NOT reserved until:
1. Online application is received
2. Completed waiver is received
3. Payment through Paypal buttons (above) if applicable.
4. You have received a confirmation email from Unit Director, Julia Swiecicki.


*Because of the high amount of interest in this program, unfortunately you are unable to reserve your spots via phone call.*

Unit Director, Julia Swiecicki, email: or click here.

For questions, please email Unit Director, Julia Swiecicki at


What ages is the Virtual Learning Center open to?
Ages 5-12 years.

What if I have already paid and signed up for the 2020-2021 Programming ?
If you have previously signed up for a full day of programming (8am-6pm Monday at Lake Shore, Wednesday at Eden) we will issue you a credit to be transferred to any of our Club programming. If you have specific questions about the transfer, email Executive Director, Jason Mazurkiewicz, here.

Will the staff be checking my child’s homework/schoolwork?
We will check that your child(ren) has completed their homework. The best way to ensure clear communication of your child’s school tasks to the staff members is to fill out the Daily Task Form, here and the Virtual Learning Information Form, here. Please understand that although the staff will try their best to help members to the best of their ability, they are not certified teachers. We do hope to have teachers and teacher aids volunteer at the Club to ensure the best virtual learning experience as possible.

How much will the Virtual Learning Center cost?
The Virtual Learning Center will be free for families who make less than the State Median Income. For families who make above the median, the cost will be $25 per day per member. To find out what price you qualify for you will need to fill out the Income Form, here. Payment must be submitted prior to the start of the program. You can pay through our Miscellaneous Payment button (above).

Can we pay for future months today?
As of right now we are only accepting after school payments for the month of October. We will inform you via email when we are accepting payments for the rest of the school year.

What is the Daily Task form?
We want to ensure that members are completing as much of the work that is expected of them, In order to do this, we’d like for guardians to fill out the Daily Task Form when members are dropped off for Virtual Learning Center hours. This is to help create a line of communication between staff and guardians about what was completed that day. Staff will hand out extra copies of the forms or it can be downloaded, here.

If I have already signed my child up for the 2020-2021 program do I need to fill out another application?

You do not need to fill out another online application, but you do need to email Julia with which days your child will be attending the virtual learning center along with the other supplemental materials.