Jason Mazurkiewicz grew up as a “Club Kid” at the East Aurora Boys & Girls Club. He was an active member for 10 years and went to the Club regularly throughout his childhood.

The time spent at the Club is one of the main reasons Jason eventually sought a career in youth-serving programs. He fondly remembers how the Club was a fun and safe place for him and his friends. With a smile, Jason recalls playing Jam Ball, visiting other Boys & Girls Clubs with his mentors; and as an Honor Camper singing songs on the bus ride to Camp Ska-No-Ka-San. Jason says, “We always waited to hear our favorite announcement: It’s Dodgeball Time!” After attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Jason sought a career in business. He most recently served as the manager of a successful local corporate convenience store for eight years, which is where he honed his talent for leading and developing others. He also spent ten years in leadership positions in the corporate food service industry.

However, Jason always searched for opportunities to give back to the Club that meant so much to him. When the Executive Director position became available at our club, Jason applied immediately. He now oversees after-school and summer programming at our clubhouses in Eden and Angola. “I wanted to be a positive influence on other children and give back to the community in the same ways that I benefited as a kid,” says Jason.

And our Board of Directors supports his vision. The fact that he was a long-time member of the East Aurora Clubhouse elevates his passion and capabilities to a whole new level. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect match for leading our organization. He credits his mentor Gary Schutrum, East Aurora’s Boys & Girls Club executive director, with guiding him to where he is today.

He considers himself a Club Kid for LIFE!

Jason is a symbol of a true Boys & Girls Club alumnus. He has found his GREAT FUTURE and succeeded at becoming a responsible citizen that gives back to his community.

By taking on the task of helping children find their own GREAT FUTURE, Jason is impacting countless youth. Thank you, Jason for being a difference maker!

CLUB STORIES: From Club Kid to Club Exec

Feeling disconnected from other kids, 11-year old Kyle Latimore was looking for a place to fit in. When our Lake Shore Clubhouse was about to open in October 2011, he asked then-School Superintendent Jeff Rabey, one of the club founders, if he could belong. Kyle became Member #1 and the club soon became the perfect fit for Kyle.

Kyle went on to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout with local Boy Scout Troop#571 and graduated from Lake Shore Central High School in 2018.

He now works as a heavy equipment operator for Stock Services in Angola and plans to attend SUNY-Alfred College.

He continues his family’s tradition of community service as a member of the Evans Center Volunteer Fire Company, along with his father and past fire chief John Latimore, and his mom Cindy, who is re-certifying her EMT license.

Kyle passed his intense Firefighter 1 certification with flying colors and was just recognized as a top responder and “Rookie of the Year” by his fire department. He responded to 215 emergencies in his first year – more than 30% of the total incidents the fire company was called to.

Kyle is a hard worker and a constant supporter of club fundraisers and events, earning him our pride and admiration as our Club’s #1 alumni.


The Hock Family Moves to Eden

Everyone always gets a scrunched up look on their face when we tell them that we recently moved to Eden from the warm sunshine state of Florida. I do admit that the extra four layers of clothing and 20 minutes added to scrape the ice off our cars is exhausting in the winter, but it’s all worth it

Our daughter was about to start kindergarten in Florida and unlike Eden, the public school seemed too dangerous. We had her tested gifted and started budgeting for private school tuition. It was a life unfamiliar to David and I, both growing up in small farming communities in the north but we were willing to give it a try.

Then we got the news.

It was devastating, David’s father was diagnosed with stage-4 stomach cancer. We were flying to Buffalo every few days to spend as much time with him as possible. Our plans to start Millie in school, our careers and beach life as we knew it–came to a screeching halt.

With an entire community of friends and family here in Eden going above and beyond, we realized what we were missing in life: Community.

We knew we had to make the move. We sold our house in Florida, signed Millie up at Grover L. Priess Elementary School and started a new life here.

After the loss of her grandpa and moving away from her friends, Millie needed a support group. We started taking her to the Boys and Girls Club in Eden after school as soon as she was old enough. Instantly, she made friends her age and bonded with the staff.

She LOVES her time at the Club. Millie joined the baking club, practices dance routines with the girls, learned how to play pool and participates in all the fun extracurricular activities she can.

There are many times she gets upset if I pick her up early:

“Mom! We were just about to make slime, can you come back later?”

HA! How could I say no to that?

The sense of safety, warmth and community at the Boys and Girls Club is a shining example of why we have chosen to raise our children in Eden. There is no other comfort like knowing you have given your family the gift of security and meaningful roots.

Laura and David Hock
Parents of Millie and Brixton

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“Mom! We were just about to make slime, can you come back later?”