These Club programs help develop fitness, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills.


Triple Play, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, is a dynamic wellness program currently being offered in Boys & Girls Clubs that demonstrates how eating right, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the Triple Play program is to improve Club members’ knowledge of healthy habits; increase the number of hours per day they participate in physical activities; and strengthen their ability to interact positively with others and engage in positive relationships.

Program components include:
• Healthy Habits Nutrition Curriculum
• Daily Challenges
• Sports Clubs
• Triple Play Games
• Social Recreation

Drop-In Sports

Compete in street hockey, dodge-ball, knock-out, and more on our outdoor recreation court or participate in Spud, flag football, Capture the Flag,  and other activities on our two acres of open field [EDEN]. At the Eden Clubhouse, we also frequently utilize the playground at Eden Elementary School conveniently located across the street, to play hide and seek, tag, Kick the Can, Sharks & Minnows, and more.

Similar games and activities take place at the LAKE SHORE Clubhouse where there is an indoor gym and outdoor playground with plenty of room to run and play.

Explore the Brindley Nature Trail at the Eden Clubhouse

Donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Eden in 2007 by Mary Ellen (Brindley) and Jack Smith, this 2-acre area features two main trails, a creek, two footbridges, and plenty of room to explore and enjoy nature. Our members love to build forts, play Cops & Robbers, catch minnows, and compete as tribe members during our annual Survivor summer program on the Brindley Trail.

Join Little Cagers @Eden

Typically offered during the fall and winter months by our Eden Clubhouse, Little Cagers is a great off-season opportunity for kids to have fun and stay fit.

Join our new athletic director, Coach Don Genco for our Little Cagers Assessment Nights at the Eden Elementary School on November 6 & 7, 2019.

Don has served as a substitute teacher and the head basketball coach for the Eden Middle and High Schools for the past year and will be leading our Little Cagers and other sports and fitness programs.

Coach Don Genco, Athletic Director-Eden Clubhouse

He’s looking for other community leaders to step up and serve as coaches and referees for this great youth athletic program to help our kids BE GREAT!

Reach out to Coach Don at or our main office at 716.992.2702 to participate, volunteer or learn more.