Wreath Sale

When buying online please be sure to include your phone number and email address. Please make note that these pictures are sample/reference pictures, bows/colors may not be exactly as the picture shows. You can order multiples of any single item and can bundle multiple item types into one PayPal order by clicking "CONTINUE SHOPPING" on … Continue reading Wreath Sale

Thank you!

Thank you for submitting your application for our Summer 2021 Programming! Remember, to officially reserve your spot for programming you will need to: Complete COVID-19 Waiver and send to Julia.For day and week programming, please fill out calendar and send to Julia.Make payment via our Paypal.


SUMMER 2021 FLyer TO OFFICIALLY SIGN YOUR MEMBER UP FOR 2021 SUMMER PROGRAMMING OR SPORTS CAMP PROGRAMMING, PLEASE: Fill out our membership application. (One per member) Complete COVID-19 Waiver and send to Julia.For day and week programming, please fill out calendar and send to Julia. Check out our Summer Welcome Packet, filled with information and … Continue reading SUMMER 2021