Our Club Kids Need Your Support

The kids who are members of the Boys & Girls Club of Eden-Lake Shore need and deserve your support. Now more than ever they need what the Club offers: academic assistance, character and leadership development, sports and healthy activities, food and nutrition education, arts and creativity, and health and life skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertain and challenging times for families in our community. It should come as no surprise that in support of public health initiatives, the Boys & Girls Club of Eden–Lake Shore has been forced to postpone major fundraisers and was forced to close all Club operations for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. As a result, we project this to have a severe negative impact on our organizational revenue.

75% of our total operating budget relies on giving, grants and special event fundraising.

That’s why we’re relying on you to help our Club Kids BE GREAT!

Download our Annual Report to see the total impact our Clubs have on our kids and our communities

Kids, teens, and their families need the Boys & Girls Club of Eden–Lake Shore now more than ever and simply put: We need you more now than ever before!

The Club is uniquely positioned to leverage our meaningful relationships with families and youth to provide important resources. We have been in close contact with families who are in the greatest need to make sure they have what they require and we are doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to help our Club kids get through this challenging time.

Caring staff have been working tirelessly to meet needs with open arms and kind hearts through basic needs support, distance learning, virtual programming, relationship building using technology and keeping things fun for Club members and their families. With more than 18 years of experience serving youth in our community, the Boys & Girls Club of Eden – Lake Shore is committed to helping families weather this storm and providing kids with a sense of normalcy until the threat passes.

To support the needs of our Club Kids and their families, we moved forward with our Summer Programming that started on July 6 and will conclude on August 14. Setting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being and safety of our members and staff as our #1 priority, we’ve done everything in our power to create a safe, healthy, and FUN environment to bring a sense of order and enjoyment to their lives.

For many families, the financial impact of COVID-19 will be significant. When we reopen our doors, parents and guardians can trust that their kids will be safe and well cared for while they work extra hours to catch up. For children and teens, this crisis will impact their academic progress and sense of safety. We will help them make up for lost time at school with fun and enriching educational programs under the guidance of our caring and trained Youth Development Professionals. Coming back to the Club will provide a safe and fun environment where they can get back to the important business of enjoying childhood.

During these challenging and uncertain times, we hope you’ll support us in our goal to be “A Positive Place for Kids!” by donating today.

The Boys & Girls Club of Eden-Lake Shore is a US & NYS registered 501(c)3 charity ID#33-0996412 and donations are tax deductible by the extent allowed under IRS guidelines. Changes to the tax law for charitable donations allow individuals who take standard deductions to claim up to $300 in gifts, and those who itemize can deduct 100% of their qualified donations. Please consult your tax advisor for details related to any donation.

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