When buying online please be sure to include your phone number and email address. Please make note that these pictures are sample/reference pictures, bows/colors may not be exactly as the picture shows.

You can order multiples of any single item and can bundle multiple item types into one PayPal order by clicking “CONTINUE SHOPPING” on the PayPal page after ordering each item. At the end of your order, click the “PayPal CHECK OUT” button to pay via PayPal, or click the “CHECK OUT” button to pay with a credit card and the order summary and payment screen will appear. We will bundle your items for pick-up.

ORDER DEADLINE: 11/12/2021

ORDER PICK-UP: Wreaths will be dropped off at the clubhouses during December.

Plain Wreath (24_-26_)

Plain Wreath (24_-26_) (1)

Plain Wreath (24_-26_) (2)

If you have any questions about the ordering process, please email Program Director, Shannon, at Shannon@bgcedenlakeshore.org.

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