Nick Paluch, the new Unit Director of our Lake Shore Clubhouse

We’re excited to announce that Nick Paluch has been promoted from Athletic Director to Unit Director at our Lake Shore Clubhouse. Nick is a 2016 graduate of Lake Shore Central High School and their Academy of Business & Finance. He joined our team in February 2017 as a YDP-Youth Development Professional and was promoted to athletic director in September-2017. Nick completed his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Erie Community College in May, 2018.

Executive Director Jason Mazurkiewicz announced the promotion by saying, “Nick has a genuine concern for all of the members of the club. He enjoys the interaction and he feels that he has been a great influence to all of those that are attending. Through his experience at the Boys and Girls Club, Nick has the ability and desire to learn, gain knowledge and become an effective leader in his new role.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the amazing opportunity to serve as athletic director and now I’m humbled and honored to be considered for this position and gratefully accepted it,” Paluch added. A quote that Nick thinks about every day is from Matt Cameron: “Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.”

Nick brings a big smile, lots of energy and a positive attitude to the Lake Shore Clubhouse every day and is committed to helping our kids BE GREAT!

The kids love him and he loves being with the kids.

One thought on “Lake Shore Clubhouse gets new Unit Director

  1. Can’t say enough about what a positive role model Mr. Nick is to my children. Congratulations Nick! Definitely well deserved!


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